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arab slaver and his tied captive

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Bondage Blog

Bondage Blog is the first and best bondage blog on the web, featuring bondage pictures, links, resources, and pointers to all the best BDSM blogging out there. [ Favorite Posts ]

Spanking Blog: Spanking Stories & Links

Spanking Blog is the first-ever blog focused on erotic spanking. The doings of Spankboss and Bethie, plus lots of links to other spanking and BDSM blogs and picture galleries elsewhere. One of the best free spanking resources on the net!

Recent posts on Bondage Blog:

Tiny Tits Well Tied: Pain Or Pleasure? - March 21
You can tell that the breast suction devices on her well-tied small tits have got Seana in a state of considerable confusion Is it pain, or is it pleasure? The whole pain/pleasure confusion seems to resolve itself (in favor of unambiguous pain) later in the 2006 photoshoot when the suction cups come off and the […]
Sit On Her Face, And Make Her Love You - March 20
I wonder how long this poor lesbian pussy slave has been locked in that chastity belt and leg shackles? Somehow I suspect her mistress keeps her that way pretty much permanently: The art is by Jean-Marie Poumeyrol, from Dessins erotiques de Jean-Marie Poumeyrol (1972). Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Pair Of Bondage Fucktoys Bettie, Gagged […]
How To Find True Fetish Cams - March 19
Although I am not a webcams expert by any means (having a a happy submissive in the house tends to make my cams interest somewhat theoretical) readers do sometimes ask me how to find satisfying fetish cams performers and performances. Too often they say they’re looking for “real fetish cams” or “true fetish camgirls”, which […]
More Gamiani - March 16
A commenter asked if yesterday’s art was really from the 1930s, so I went to see if I could confirm. I found a watercolored version of the artwork from a 1940s source, and an uncredited but much larger (click for full size) version of the artwork, so the effort was not entirely wasted: Elsewhere on […]
Lesbian Bondage Strap-On Sex - March 15
Here’s something you don’t see every day: 1930s-vintage lesbian bondage sex art featuring strap-on fucking: It’s a 1930s illustration by Berthommé de Saint-André for the famous lesbian novel Gamiani. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Anus Preparation: Recommended Vintage Lesbian Bondage Lesbian Bondage Kiss Vintage Lesbian Chastity Belt Play
A Swordsman’s Captive - March 14
Whatever this poor pregnant woman did, the hatchet-faced samurai and his wife are not happy about it, and they’re none too concerned about her health or her baby’s welfare, if the whip in his hand is any indication: From an old Kitan Club Japanese fetish magazine. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Japanese Closet Of Pain Silent […]
Sex With A Gagged Cosplayer - March 13
Where better for a white slaver to snatch pretty girls than at a cosplay convention? The premise of Snatcher 2: Cosprey, a Dofantasy comic by Geoffrey Merrick and Fernando is: nowhere! Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Ring-Gagged Deep Throat A Pair Of Bondage Fucktoys A Bondage Fisting Learning The Hands-Free Blowjob A Game Of Suck The […]

Bondage blowjob links on Bondage Blog

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Spank Slaves Spanking TGP

Spank Slaves Spanking & Bondage TGP offers thumbnail previews of dozens of galleries of spanking and bondage pictures. Updates every few minutes with new material!

The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit

The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit features Japanese bondage art, slave girl kennels, vintage femdom art galleries, and bondage photographs of all kinds. 100% free and surfer friendly.

figging: anal discipline is the only site on the web that is entirely devoted to the pleasures of anal figging (ginger in the anus). Links to and excerpts from all the best figging resources on the net.

Bondage And Caning Artwork

tied man bastinadoed while women are caned

tied over a barrel for a caning with a birch-like bunde of rods

Bonus Bondage Links:
The Humbler

Bondage Blog Posts:

The Bondage Magician

From Spanking Blog: "Oh, to live the fine high life of an itinerant magician, with a kinky below-stage secret! Pretty volunteer from the audience, put her in the cage, make her disappear. Then it's time for backstage fun!" (More...)

Feet Tickling In Stocks

From Bondage Blog: "Ive got no idea where this photograph of bondage tickling wenches came from, but hey, its still worth sharing..." (More...)

Dangling From The Wench Winch

From Bondage Blog: "Lisas master finally got his wench winch set up for a spot of suspension bondage: M. put up the winch that he got a long time ago, in the living room, suspended temporarily by some chain off of the huge-ass ridge beam. Just seeing it there is something else. I so enjoyed watching him install it, the care he took to make sure it was stable, hearing him say things like he only has one slave, after all, and hed like to keep me around. It would not have been fun it the whole thing fell down on my head, or dropped me on mine. I so liked the way it feels to be hanging there like a piece of meat in a butcher shop, and I havent a clue why." (More...)

Buy Bondage gear from JT's Stockroom:

leather ankle restraints

Leather Ankle Cuffs:
These premium leather ankle cuffs are made of black, red, or pink garment leather which is softer and more supple than the usual leather used in such restraints. A heavy D-ring provides a point for attaching bondage. Each ankle cuff is lined and reinforced with strong latigo leather to prevent stretching. (More...)

black nipple clamps

Black Nipple Clamps:
The Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is designed for serious breast bondage pleasure. The clamp tips are rubber coated, spring loaded, and adjustable, connected by an all-black chain. These sturdy clamps are easy to get on and off, while the rubber coating provides a relentless yet comfortable vise... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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bondage in leather straps for Ava DivineGinger Lynn in a bondage ball gag
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