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arab slaver and his tied captive

Bondage & BDSM Blogs

Bondage Blog

Bondage Blog is the first and best bondage blog on the web, featuring bondage pictures, links, resources, and pointers to all the best BDSM blogging out there. [ Favorite Posts ]

Spanking Blog: Spanking Stories & Links

Spanking Blog is the first-ever blog focused on erotic spanking. The doings of Spankboss and Bethie, plus lots of links to other spanking and BDSM blogs and picture galleries elsewhere. One of the best free spanking resources on the net!

Recent posts on Bondage Blog:

Sharing A Slave - October 23
The unit hadn’t captured enough pretty fighters from the resistance lately to keep the whole barracks in sex slaves, and for the most part the men were just a little bit too “no homo” in their thinking to be entirely happily about fucking the same girl at the same time. Fortunately, with a little bit […]
Good Mouth Practice - October 21
There’s a Lou Kagan [correction: Brian Tarsis] comic out there somewhere that I have not seen in decades. In it, a woman is tied painfully up on her knees and she’s gagged with a door knob. This woman — from one of the old “amateur” Usenet newsgroups I believe — is in a more comfortable […]
Waking Up In The Slave Pens - October 20
It’s never a good start to your day, when you wake up unexpectedly naked in a cell: From the Dofantasy comic Department Store, by Galvarino. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Reformatory For Lost Girls Ass Ravaged In Paramundo Rebels Whore Camp Gagged Redhead Kidnapped In Somalian Waters
She Never Saw Him Coming #3 - October 19
Found in an amateur bondage folder from an old UseNet directory. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Old-School Amateur Bondage She Never Saw Him Coming, Redux She Never Saw Him Coming The Blindfold Is Machine Washable Bandana Blindfold And A Bondage Blowjob
Fond Memories Of “The Magazine” - October 18
Back in 2004 I wrote this as part of a post about relaxing into being openly kinky around even your vanilla friends: When I first got to the big city as a young and clueless virgin, I knew that there were such as thing as bondage magazines because I had read (years before) a breathless […]
Nose Hooks And Strings - October 17
Anna Tyler looks just a little bit disgruntled about the nose hook and the disfiguring fish hook gag in this photoshoot from Infernal Restraints: But it can always get worse. The strings up her nose have got to tickle! Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: The Nose Hook A Fish Hook Gag Made Of Binder Clips How […]
Blindfolded And Buttfucked - October 16
Art is by Pyat. Via Kinky Delight. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Anonymous Manga Blowjob Casey Calvert's Sticky Face Bondage Buttfucking, French Comic Book Style Claudia Schiffer, Blindfolded Blindfolded Dick Licking

Bondage blowjob links on Bondage Blog

Other Bondage & BDSM Sites

Spank Slaves Spanking TGP

Spank Slaves Spanking & Bondage TGP offers thumbnail previews of dozens of galleries of spanking and bondage pictures. Updates every few minutes with new material!

The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit

The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit features Japanese bondage art, slave girl kennels, vintage femdom art galleries, and bondage photographs of all kinds. 100% free and surfer friendly.

figging: anal discipline is the only site on the web that is entirely devoted to the pleasures of anal figging (ginger in the anus). Links to and excerpts from all the best figging resources on the net.

Bondage And Caning Artwork

tied man bastinadoed while women are caned

tied over a barrel for a caning with a birch-like bunde of rods

Bonus Bondage Links:
The Humbler

Bondage Blog Posts:

Harem Girl Bondage

From Bondage Blog: "In my continuing perusal of the BDSM graphic novels from, my eye (and imagination) have been captured by the work of artist Ferres, whose CG slavegirls are smooth and curvaceous. In his Death In The Harem, the story concerns the use and misuse of the nuns and Christian ladies of the city of Constantinople, right after it fell to the Ottoman Turks..." (More...)

Bondage Nipple Biting

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "I don't quite understand why we don't see more of this sort of thing in bondage porn. There's many a man out there who never misses an opportunity to grab, pinch, or nibble on an exposed nipple; and what's bondage good for, if not for preventing those little automatic protective slappy motions that women make as unconsciously (and as necessarily, I'm sure) as they breathe? (Nipple biting picture is from this gallery at Public Disgrace; there are also movie clips." (More...)

Kneeling Tied SlaveGirl

From Bondage Blog: "This comes from Spanking Blog, where the appeal doubtless had something to do with this girls tears and the big-ass leather prison strap shes getting a spanking with. But I like the artwork for that lovely bondage-enforced kneeling slave posture..." (More...)

Buy Bondage gear from JT's Stockroom:

steel bondage cage

Jail Cell Bondage Cage:
The Jail Cell Stand-Up Cage is perfect for keeping a human captive exactly where you want. You can stash your prisoner, slave, or submissive in this very attractive steel cage and wont need to worry about them escaping. Pefect for indulging your brutish prison guard / helpless female inmates bondage fantasy! (More...)

bondage sex sling

Bondage Sex Stirrups:
This bondage sex sling (aka portable stirrups) is perfect for putting (and keeping!) your partner in the ultimate compromising bondage sex position. The padded neck piece supports her neck, while the attached chain leashes firmly restrain her thighs and ankles, keeping her legs held up and helplessly open with pussy well exposed... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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bondage in leather straps for Ava DivineGinger Lynn in a bondage ball gag
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